Treatment Plans

What is a treatment plan?

A treatment plan is a document developed in partnership with the kids, families, parents, and caregivers with whom I work.  It provides a blueprint to guide what services will be provided.

Individualized:  developing a plan to address the unique needs of a particular child, family, parent, or caregiver is an important beginning to our work together, and will help us maintain a focus on goals that you consider important throughout the time that we work together.

Collaborative:  the goals that we develop must be meaningful for your family and/or child. I believe that parents and caregivers are the foremost experts on their children.  Working in partnership is crucial to the success of our work together.

Flexible: plans need to be flexible and change as needs change.  For example, new information may become available, or a family may decide that adding new goals is appropriate as our work together progresses.

Strengths-Focused:  all of us have unique abilities and strengths.  At times when concerns or challenges are serious enough to motivate us to seek the help of a professional, our difficulties can seem so overwhelming that we lose sight of the strengths and positive attributes that each of us has.  I work with children and families to build on these areas of strength and find new ways to use the superpowers we already possess.