Accessibility & Open Minds Ann Arbor, LLC

As a member of the disability community, making my practice as welcoming and accessible as possible is a priority.

If there are gaps in accessibility that you notice, please bring them to my attention.  While it is impossible to make any space 100% accessible, I will do my best to address issues that you bring to my attention.

Parking & Building Access

Sparrow Wood Office Building at 2890 Carpenter Road has two parking lots with ample parking, in both the front and rear of the building.

The parking lot at the rear of the building has two accessible parking spaces directly in front of the doors.  The building has no van accessible parking spaces at this time.

My offices are located in Suite 1500, on the second level.  Entering from the front of the building requires climbing a flight of stairs from the ground to the second level.  An elevator is located at the rear entrance of the building.  Please note that the building lacks an automatic door opener.


An accessible gender inclusive restroom is located within the office suite.

Men’s and women’s restrooms are also available in the common areas of the building and require key access.  Keys to the common area restrooms are available in the waiting room.  Please note that neither restroom in the common areas has adequate space for wheelchair and scooter users to maneuver, although they are considered accessible in the broadest sense.

Hearing Impairments

If you have a hearing impairment, please don’t hesitate to make me aware so that I can be as intentional as possible in my communication with you.  If you use assistive technology, I am happy to discuss how we might be able to use it to facilitate your treatment.

ASL Interpretation

If you or members of your family are ASL speakers, I am open to exploring the feasibility of obtaining ASL interpretation in order for you or your family members to participate in treatment.

Scent-free Environment/Environmental Sensitivity

We have a scent-free policy for our office environment as a courtesy to those who have a sensitivity to strong scents.

Please be advised that two therapy dogs work in our office.  One of my colleagues has two beautiful golden retrievers, Leo and Pippa, who work with her.  If you are allergic to dogs, please alert me.  Reasonable efforts are made to vacuum regularly to minimize pet dander.  If I am aware that you or a family member has an allergy, we will make every effort to vacuum common areas prior to your appointments.

Sensory Sensitivity

Some people are sensitive to certain kinds of sensory information.  If you or your child experience sensitivity to noise, light, particular textures or smells, or other sensory stimuli, it would be helpful for me to know in advance of our appointment so I can be responsive to your needs.

The lighting in our office suite is lit mostly by fluorescent lights, which can be uncomfortable for some people.  We have replaced the overhead lighting in our waiting area with LED lighting.  I use non-fluorescent lamps and natural light in my offices as much as possible.

Service Animals

Service animals are always welcome.  We have two therapy dogs working in our office.

Visual Impairments

At this point, my website is not fully accessible.  My technological skills were significantly stretched in designing it, but I hope in the future to be able to have assistance in making it accessible to screen readers.

Please let me know if you would like large print materials.  I’m happy to provide forms and other resource materials to you in large print if you make me aware of your need/preference.