Professional Fees & Payment

Professional Fees


$195 for initial visit for child, adult, and family psychotherapy

$195 per session for family psychotherapy

$190 per session for child psychotherapy

$170 per session for adult individual psychotherapy

Psychoeducational Services

$175 for parent consultation

$400 per family for Neurodiversity Parenting (an 8-week experience)

Clinical Consultation for Mental Health & Allied Health Providers

$175 per session for individual clinical consultation

$150 per session for limited licensure clinical supervision


Michelle accepts out-of-pocket payment and some insurance plans.  Payment is due at the time of service.  If you participate with an insurance plan, your insurance-related cost (co-payment/co-insurance/deductible) is due at the time of service. Payments in cash, check, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover are accepted.


Michelle participates with the following insurance plans:

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Blue Cross Complete

Some insurance plans provide out-of-network coverage for mental health care. If you have an insurance plan other than those listed above, Michelle will provide you monthly invoices to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please check with your insurance provider before your visit to ensure that services will be covered.

Affordable Services

Michelle is committed to reducing barriers to participation in child, family, and adult therapy services.  Her fee schedule reflects our local area’s customary professional fees for the services she provides.   She accepts the insurance plans listed above to make services available to a greater number of people.

A sliding fee discount is available to prevent the cost of psychotherapy services from being prohibitive.   A sliding fee discount schedule allows the fees for psychotherapy services to be reduced or “slide” based on household income and household size.   If you are interested in coming to see Michelle but concerned about the cost, please discuss your situation.